Friday, July 13, 2007

Tech Link (Processor): New Crysis Video: Game kicks a$$ on Intel's Penryn Quad Core

Yeehaw, watch and see how smooth the game play is with the new Penryn-based quad core system. It's like you're watching a movie rather than playing a game, no stall, hiccups, or stutter whatsoever. This platform rocks. The specs is as follows:

System configuration:

Intel Penryn 45nm "Yorkfield"
quad core CPU @ 3.2GHz
Intel 975BX2 Motherboard
Windows XP

Source:New Crysis Video: Game kicks a$$ on Intel's Penryn Quad Core


Anonymous said...

Imagine that the platform would not be able to run a simple game. What a lame marketing.
Even a P4 would be able to run this with no hickups.

Anonymous said...

crysis doesnt even support quad core and there is little difference between dual and single core as of now.there is a recent article on the net "core 2 duo scaling in gaming" which shows that anything past 2.4ghz on a 4mb conroe gives very little.It's the same as saying"Red Alert 2 kicks ass on triple SLI"
so it looks like intel is still sending you nice christmas presents or you're uncle is the CEO there or you are just plain stupid emo boy who needs the whole world to know about his little thoughts.